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The Hackett Group

Fecha de Cierre 30 Noviembre 2018
Nombre del puesto: EVENT & ALERT COORDINATOR
Objetivos del trabajo: Will detect events and alerts, analyze them, and determine the right control action. Will help with service assurance, reporting, and service improvement.
Principales tareas:
  • Be an operational monitoring and control reference. 
  • Detect all changes of state that have significance for the management of the service.
  • Determine the appropriate control action for events, and ensure these are communicated to the appropriate functions or team.
  • Be a trigger, or entry point, for the execution of many service operation processes and operations management activities.
  • Compare and analyses actual operating performance and behavior against standards.
  • Inform and make aware of the process and lifecycle of incidents/events in real time. 
  • Make constant improvements to the detecting process in order to provide a better service. 
  • Deliver incident/events reports to the different stakeholders.
  • IT background. ITIL. Experience with industry practices and professional standards is a plus.
  • Advanced English level.
Horario: 44 hours a week
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