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World Class

WTC Montevideo Free Zone is a Complex of two world class office towers, with state-of-the-art architecture, that makes use of the most modern technologies and the best materials.

With LEED Certification and Green facilities, both buildings have large spaces that make the most of natural lighting thanks to curtain wall facades.

The Complex features a world-class Data Center and a 24/7 security system.


Data Center

WTC Montevideo Free Zone has world-class technology and infrastructure, with 99.99% SLA, 24/7 security, ability to define protocols to eventualities for each client, multi-access systems to the main carriers of the country (BGP-4), auxiliary uninterrupted power plants (UPS).



The Complex has high-tech cameras and CCTV, perimeter and sector security, 24/7 monitoring, access control, biometric access and visitor registration. In addition to having a fire control and combat system of high level technology.


Smart Tower

The Complex has an advanced technological center that centralizes the supply of energy, control of safety and maintenance of equipment and facilities. All under a sophisticated protection system that allows an excellent level of surveillance.


LEED Certification

Tower 1 was the first building to be LEED certified in Uruguay, being a pioneer in its field, making it one of the most modern and sustainable facilities in the region. This was replicated in Tower 2 with the aim of keeping the Complex standard.


Green Facilities

An efficient and environmentally friendly construction that allows savings in drinking water consumption, climatic and sound isolation hanks to the plant fence. In addition, its structure has permanently incorporated materials of local origin, and recycled materials.


Curtain Wall Facade

State-of-the-art facade with anodized aluminum structure and double glazing of excellent resistance in the penetration of heat, water, wind, dust and noise, allowing bigger energy savings compared to standard buildings.


Natural Lighting

Almost 100% of the occupied area has natural lighting thanks to large windows giving spectacular views to the outside, which has a direct impact on productivity and quality of working life.



In the event of a power outage, each office can determine the specific points to be supported through the Generator in order to continue its operation. In addition, the main systems of the building are backed up to ensure the operation of the Complex in any situation. WTC Montevideo Free Zone is located in Ring 1 of the city along with hospitals, the majors office, which means is the top priority area for electricity.


High speed elevators

Variable frequency and electronic brain, with booths coated in stainless steel and glass. 3m/s speed, with advance call system.



First elevated helipad in the city.



More than 2.000 m2 s.q.m. of green spaces for the community that offer different proposals for leisure.


Breastfeeding room

Exclusive breastfeeding room, in compliance with regulations and available to the whole community, allowing installed companies to offer this service to their collaborators without the need to designate this space within the office itself.