We are proud to be a Certified B Company. Find out more.

Our Path
to Sustainability

When we started this path, we did it with a firm purpose: to continuously identify possible points of improvement and opportunities in order to be an agent of change in the economy, protecting our mission and enhancing our impact.

Today we are proud to work every day to build the best place for our Team, Customers, Community and, the Environment.

Because a positive impact is built from within.

We are a Certified B Company. We are committed to measuring ourselves in five dimensions: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. We are part of a global movement of companies and individuals seeking to build a new economy, in pursuit of the well-being of individuals, societies and nature; using the strength of the market to solve social and environmental problems. Today there are more than 5.000 companies in 70 countries united under this same cause and in Latin America there are about 680 B Companies.

The Certification process is also a statement that we are willing to measure and manage our company including the purpose, beyond the financial result.

But a goal is not only measured by the final result.
The most valuable learning is who we became in the process.



Taking into account that a positive impact is built from within, we strive every day to generate the best working conditions for our team. We work on equality, diversity, trust, continuous training and professional development of our collaborators.


Part of our purpose is to promote Uruguay, its attributes and contribute to its economic growth. We seek to develop skills required by global companies to attract opportunities that generate qualified jobs and that in turn, improve the quality of life of the people.


We actively collaborate with organizations linked to health, education, food and support programs for children. We generate dissemination campaigns and provide working hours, donations and exchange spaces with various organizations. At the social level, we support programs linked to women's professional development, education and decent work.


Our commitment to the environment begins with LEED Certification from the construction of Towers 1 and 2. We developed the Ecozone Program, with the aim of promoting initiatives and training to reduce the environmental impact of our operations including: separation of waste at the source, classification and weighing in our specialized Recycling Center. In 2021 we measured and neutralized our Carbon Footprint and assumed the commitment to generate an annual process with this objective.


Implementation of CSR programs, health actions that contribute to a better quality of life, exclusive events of various themes, training programs and promotion of job opportunities.


LEED certification, correct classification of waste and its subsequent recycling, efficient use of electricity and water, smart tower, promotion of carpool, spaces with natural light and green areas, among others.


Broadcasting and accessibility of information through media platform, promoting in-house campaigns.