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A country to live and work

Uruguay is a country with a long democratic tradition; humanitarian, reliable, accessible, based on respect and cooperation. A gateway to Latin America, with a strategic location in the region and with direct connection to the main capitals of the continent.

A country with availability of talent, an excellent quality of life, profitable and a stable business climate. A natural, open-door country that takes care of people. A stable, transparent and internationally competitive country. Uruguay is a country with a lot of advantages to live, work and invest.

of the country

Political, social and economic stability

The best business climate thanks to a social democratic system with institutional continuity.

Investor's Benefits

Laws made to ensure important benefits for investments as well as equalitarian treatment.

Infrastructure and Technological Leader

Modern infrastructure, Road lines, World class Port and Airport, wide connectivity. Uruguay is leader in the Development Index TIC's.

Competitive Talent

Total digital inclusion, free education, English an Portuguese knowledge as well as public access to university.

Quality of Life

Public access to education, health, transportation, entertainment, housing, public services. According to MERCER 2017, Montevideo has the best quality of life.

Uruguay in numbers
Featured index

#1 Low Corruption
Transparencia Internacional 2018

#1 Democracy Index
Economist Intelligence Unit 2019

#3 Prosperity Index
Legatum Institute 2019

#1 Law Index
World Justice Project 2020